My Semi-Fictional Life #111 (Scary Morning Courtesy of Mother Nature)

Hello peeps. Today I awoke to my phone ringing off the hook. In a haze of sleep, I stumbled from my bed and into the living room as, outside, the wind howled and the rain pounded. I pulled the phone from its base (yes, we’re one of the only families left with a landline, and no, it is not a cordless; my wife has a cell phone but rarely uses the thing) and groggily said, “Hello.”

My mother yelled from the other end, “Tornado warning! Get into the bathroom! Take cover!”

If you live where tornadoes are wont to roam, you’ll know that the difference between a tornado warning and a tornado watch is that a warning means a tornado has been seen in your area. Having faced several of Mother Nature’s hissy fits and survived, I know not to fuck with the old lady when she’s throwing a temper tantrum. I rushed into my kids’ bedroom, snatched Chris from the top bunk and hollered Autumn awake. Chelle, who’d overheard Mom’s phone call, took Chris from me and we all, our dog Ash included, hid in the bathroom.

The warning started at 7:10 this morning and lasted until 8:30. That’s an hour and twenty minutes crammed into a trailer bathroom with another adult, an eleven year old, a four year old, and a hundred pound lab-pit bull mix. It was hot. It was uncomfortable. But we were safe. The lights flickered several times and only went out for about half a minute. We never did lose internet, aside from when the power blinked.

When the All Clear sounded, we crept out of our hiding space to assess the damage. The vent over the stove leaked, flooding the burners and drenching the pilot. All that had to be cleaned and dried out. The front and rear of our property flooded, with water over a foot deep in some places, but otherwise devoid of fallen trees or debris.

Four people died due to this storm, but no tornadoes actually touched down within ten miles of us. One of our surrounding cities, Billingsly, had a touchdown, which is what spurred the warning, but we were left, for the most part, alone. Although no one saw a touchdown in our area, my mother swears she heard a train in the distance. I heard it too. Which makes me think we dodged something unseen. Because I agree with my mother. Something was out there. Something big. Something angry…

Scary shit and one helluva way to wake up in the morning, but it could have been much, much worse. I can’t help but to wonder, though, if our luck is going to hold out. The last time I faced any significant property damage due to a storm was Hurricane Ivan in 2004. That was before my daughter’s birth. Feels like ages ago. Anyway, I don’t mean to jinx us, but it seems like we’ve had it too good for too long. Luckily, I’m not superstitious.

New hot sauce video coming in the morning.

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