My Semi-Fictional Life #117 (Writing Longhand)

Hello peeps. Today I want to talk about why I’ve gone hipster, or retro, or whatever you want to call it. I’ve not gone full luddite. After all, publishers haven’t accepted hand-written documents since before the invention of the typewriter, so I’m kinda stuck typing everything up eventually. But, yes, I’ve started writing longhand, and because I’ve been asked multiple times why I would torture myself so, I thought I’d write up a post explaining my reasoning.

#1. Writing longhand is texturally different. Simply put, it feels different. It’s nice to switch things up every so often to keep things interesting.

#2. I’ve grown lazy. I get up every morning, write my words, edit my words, rinse, repeat. The difference between editing on the computer and editing handwritten material is that I am forced to write everything at least twice. On the computer, I can easily write a line, edit a line, and move along without having changed more than a word. But with longhand I am forced to write it out manually then transfer it over, giving me a better chance of catching mistakes or leaving out unneeded words or reworking broken structure. It might sound like double work, and it is, but I think it produces a far-cleaner end product.

#3. I can write anywhere. Working in my new office is great, but I need a way to write when I’m inside the house without dragging my computer back and forth all the time. I can’t write on my tablet. I’ve tried. My fingers are too fat and predictive text makes me feel even lazier than I truly am, which is pretty fucking lazy.

#4. Spelling. I suck at spelling these days. Back in my youth, I used to win all the spelling bees. I was at the top of my game. Then computers came along and now I can’t spell “relieve” without Spellcheck. Fuck that noise. I refuse to let technology make me dumber. It should be a tool to educate, not to restrict learning or dull core knowledge and skills.

#5. I enjoy the process. Writing longhand is fun for me. And at the end of the day, that’s all that really matters.

There you have it. In case you want to know when you can expect your first handwritten Lorn novel or novella or story, you should know that I don’t even know. I might revert back to computer tomorrow. It all depends on how the mood strikes me.

If you’re wondering what I’m working with, I’m using a ballpoint pen or Zebra fine-point pen on unlined printer paper. I find ruled notebooks too restrictive for some odd reason. I need something more… unruly. Ba dum ts!

Hope this wasn’t too boring. I know not many writers follow me, but some of you enjoy these peeks into my world, and if I’ve entertained at least one of you, it’s been a good day.

See you tomorrow,


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The office, she’s done!



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  1. Good stuff. I was thinking about writing longhand earlier this week. When you can’t instantly backspace over your mistakes, you tend to put more thought into your words.

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