My Semi-Fictional Life #128 (A Review)

Hello peeps. Today I have a short review for A Winter Haunting, by Dan Simmons.

2.5 stars rounded up.

I didn’t like this one as much as my buddy Thomas, but I enjoyed it enough to finish it. Toward the end I realized I just didn’t care about the main character. Reading about Dale Stewart as a kid in Summer of Night was big fun. But the grown-up version is nowhere near as entertaining. I did appreciate the twists, but overall, I am left with a numbing feeling of meh.

A Winter Haunting is not a direct sequel to Summer of Night, meaning it does not continue that storyline, but if you’re looking to catch up with old friends, this book delivers well enough. I was happy to see some vaguely familiar faces and saddened to hear of some of their deaths. This book is much richer for me having read Summer of Night first, though, and I will politely disagree with Thomas when he says one doesn’t need to have read Summer of Night to enjoy this one. I think what I enjoyed the most here was my return to Elm Haven. Had I not read Dale’s first adventure, I would have cared even less about his character in this book.

I think my biggest complaint is that it didn’t feel like a Dan Simmons book. After novels like Drood and The Terror and the aforementioned Summer of Night, I’m left lumping this one in with Simmons novels like Song of Kali, which was good but not quite as good as his other outings. In the end, I liked this one just enough that I don’t regret reading it. I simply think I enjoy historical-fiction Simmons over modern-day Simmons.

In summation: This is a lovely trip down memory lane, but, for me, it failed to give me a character I could root for or care about.

Final Judgment: A watered-down Hell House.


See you tomorrow,


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