My Semi-Fictional Life #135 (Meet The Ists)

Hello peeps. Today I would like to introduce you to a group of people I’ve become acquainted with over the years. They each have their own names, but, as a group, I call them The Ists. Here’s a quick sample of how they interact. Enjoy…
The Ists on Schrodinger’s Cat:
Optimist – The cat’s alive.
Pessimist – The cat’s dead.
Realist – Open the box and let’s see.
Nihilist – Whether or not the cat is alive means nothing.
Racist – Sure hope the cat ain’t black.
Physicist – You know this experiment isn’t only about the cat, right? It has as much to do with the decay of the radioactive isotope in the box and… never mind. Google it.
There you have it: The Ists. Not all of them chimed in this time. Several stayed out of this conversation, like Anarchist and Marxist and Zionist… but maybe they’ll join us next time. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a comic out of this. Let me know what you think of The Ists and give me a topic for them to offer their opinions on.
See you tomorrow,
Pic of the Day
 The greatest villains of all time!