My Semi-Fictional Life #136 (No More Bat-Fleck?)

Hello peeps. Today I wanna talk movie news.

Rumor has it that Ben Affleck not only will not direct THE BATMAN but he might want out of the role altogether. Again, just rumors, but it fits when you take into account how publicly disinterested he’s been.

He was quoted as saying that he would not direct the film if it “isn’t great”. Suddenly he’s not directing, which is making everyone look back on his quote to assume the movie is “isn’t great” after all. Could it be that the film is so bad that he no longer wants to be attached to the project whatsoever? That is not outside the realm of possibility.

I will add this. Ben Affleck, to date, is the only actor, in my opinion, to pull off both Batman and Bruce Wayne. Keaton was a tremendous Bats, and Bale was a great Wayne, but Keaton lacked the sex appeal to pull off Wayne and Bale was rubbish (yeah, I fuckin’ said it) as Mumble-Bats. Affleck nailed both sides of the character. He was a juicy steak in the pile of offal that was BvS.

What do you think?

See you tomorrow,


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