My Semi-Fictional Life #137 (Gender of Book Bloggers)

Hello peeps. Today my interest has been piqued by a friendly debate between book bloggers on Twitter. I hope I link to all these properly, but they might not show up on other platforms like Goodreads, as I have been experiencing image errors over there with every blog I’ve shared recently. If you’re reading on GR, you can click through to this post on my blog if you want, but the gist of the topic should be clear enough without the images.

So here’s the dealio, if you can dig it: Brian’s Book Blog on Twitter sent out this string of tweets.

Which garnered this response from Erin Al-Mehari.

To recap, in case you’re reading somewhere that doesn’t allow images, Erin works with majority-male book bloggers, and Brian finds that most book bloggers are female. Brian says he’s surprised at this information.

I’m with Brian on this. I, too, was surprised. So I did some tallying. Not counting the majority-female Goodreads and Booklikes users I follow, I follow a total of 116 female bloggers across multiple platforms: Blogger, WordPress, etc. I only follow 9 men across the same platforms. I follow 7 individuals of the trans community who identify as women and 3 who identify as men.

These numbers made me think (no I didn’t hurt myself) if gender has anything to do with how readers get our book recommendations. Thus, I’m putting the call out. How do your numbers stack up? Do you follow more of one gender than the other? If so, do you share a gender with the majority, or is the majority the opposite sex? I’m sure genres play a huge role in this debate too, so make sure to include the main genres you follow. Mine would be Horror and Literary Fiction.

See you later today, because my Resident-Evil-7-playing ass forgot to blog yesterday, so I still owe a post.


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I did my favorite villains a few days ago (last week?), so it’s only fair that I share my favorite heroes, too…



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  1. Most bloggers I follow are female. I mostly follow SFF & Horror genre related blogs, tho there are some odd romance, beer review, and survival blogs tossed in there.

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