My Semi-Fictional Life #143 (“Fake Rape”)

Hello peeps. No, the title of today’s blog isn’t clickbait. Bear with me, please.

I like to think I’m socially-conscious. Despite what some may think, I’m not a social justice warrior insomuch as I agree blindly with the liberal masses. The recent Milo Yiannopoulos drama has people calling the guy a pedophile, which isn’t true, at least not at this time. These people do not understand the situation. If anything, the dude was a victim of a hebephilia, but I digress. That’s not why we’re here today. If you want more info, Google the above topics.

On to the topic of discussion. I have a story tentatively titled “Fake Rape”. Calm your engines, SJWs, I’m getting to my defense. And that defense is, you haven’t read the story so you have no idea what it’s about. At the same time, some of you will stay away from the story based on the title alone. I can see the rage-y blog posts now…

“Edward Lorn thinks all rape is fake!”

“Edward Lorn is a victim-shamer!”

“Edward Lorn believes rape victims shouldn’t be believed!”

Well, you’d be wrong on all accounts. The story tackles a very real kink that is rarely discussed outside of niche-erotic-fiction markets. Namely, rape fantasies. I met a fellow author, a female, who was deep into the world of rape fantasies. This intrigued me. Anything I don’t understand I immediately want to research. So I did. Now that I am on several government watch lists (kidding, but I’m sure if someone seized my harddrive they’d have several questions for me, hehe), I’ve come to the conclusion that, while rape fantasies are a niche genre, the genre does sell quite well. Meaning, there’s enough people interested in rape fantasies to support an erotica sub-genre. Did I write a rape fantasy? Fuck no. Not my bag, kids. Sorry. But I have written a story that is, at its base, about someone who enjoys such fantasies.

My question to you is, would you read a story titled “Fake Rape”? Here’s the scenario: You’re reading through an anthology of various authors when you come across a story called “Fake Rape” written by an author you do not know. Forget that you know me. Forget that you know my politics. Do you read the story? If so, why? If not, why?

Let me know in the comments, wherever this post might find you.

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7 thoughts on “My Semi-Fictional Life #143 (“Fake Rape”)

  1. Honestly, I don’t think I would read something called “Fake Rape”, but that is because it could mean so many different things.
    When I read the article name, I was like, Oh, I wonder if this is about the women that claim to have been raped but weren’t? What led me to that was, I know of two women that claim every relationship they have ever had before their current husband was non-consensual because they don’t want their current husband to know they got around. Harsh, but women like that exist.
    If it were me, I’d go with a title that wasn’t so blunt? The Bad Touch might be a good one. 😉
    “Fake Rape” as a title may be attention-grabbing, but I think most people will take a pass on it because it could mean so many different things, like you said above.

    That being said, I’m not surprised that rape fantasies are a sub-genre of erotica, especially considering that monster porn is a sub-genre of erotica.

    1. Monster porn is so outside the realm of possibility that I understand it’s draw. Rape fantasies seem to cross an invisible line in the sand for me. People can fantasize about whatever they want, but hoping to be raped seems like it wouldn’t be rape at all. It seems the exact opposite of rape, being that it is consensual. But, again, we question what we don’t understand, and I admit I’ll never wrap my head around this one.

      Thanks for the input, Nettie, but The Bad Touch doesn’t work. In fact, the only thing I can see to title it, due to the subject matter, would be “Fake Rape”.

  2. I would read it. Maybe a tough sell as the title for a book for the general public…but, I would still read it. Would I read it if it was an unknown to me author? Maybe. Well, probably not, but not based on the title alone. Someone I trust would have to tell me it was worth it before I took a chance on it. Again, not strictly because of the title. How’s that for being no help whatsoever? 😉

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