My Semi-Fictional Life #148 (Lornographic Material Kindle Unlimited Bundle)

Hello peeps. Quick bit of news on the publishing front.

In the next few months, to coincide with the release of my new novel THE SOUND OF BROKEN RIBS, I will be releasing a Kindle Unlimited bundle of all my published work from the last five years. The bundle will include the following:

Bay’s End

What the Dark Brings

Dastardly Bastard

Hope for the Wicked

Life After Dane

Fog Warning


Others & Oddities

This will be the only place you can find Dastardly Bastard and Hope for the Wicked in electronic form. Dastardly Bastard is available in print, but not as an ebook, and Hope for the Wicked isn’t currently available in any form, unless you find a used paperback copy of Pennies for the Damned somewhere, which I highly doubt even exists outside of my own personal library.

The ebook bundle will be $9.99. The best part is, it will be available through Kindle Unlimited to read for free for those of you who subscribe to the service.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section.

See you tomorrow,


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