My Semi-Fictional Life #149 (Big News on the Way…)

Hello peeps. Not only does Fairy Lights come out in t-minu 27 days (March 28, to be exact), but I have a huge reveal coming. I was informed last night that contracts are on their way to me. This is the biggest development of my career. I’ve been working on this project in some way, shape, or form for over a year now, and it’s finally coming to a close. Everything’s in place: editing is complete, cover’s done, interior is set. Just waiting on the contracts.

Not only am I proud of the story itself, but I am thrilled with the design of the packaging. I’ve dropped hints here and there, but the final reveal should be soon. Once I put ink to this contract, I’ll ask the publisher when I can tell everyone.

See you later today because I still owe a post… Life’s been busy in the best possible way. 🙂


Pic of the Day

Some thrift store purchases from yesterday…