My Semi-Fictional Life #151 (Awkward Situations)

Hello peeps. I love a good awkward situation, so today I want to tell you about one I experienced this morning at my doctors appointment.

I love my doctor. She’s a great lady. She takes care of my medical needs and makes sure I’m not in too much pain. This morning, she asked me to get up on the examination table, as docs are wont to do. She listened to me breathe and whatnot. Then she took a step backward and asked me how I was doing, mentally and physically. I told her my pain meds have been working, for the most part, and that I was currently not having any problems with depression and anxiety. I’ve been good.

Then she made a gesture. Both arms came up in a kind of crucifixion pose and the first thing I thought was that she wanted a hug. I’m a nice dude and she’s a nice lady, so why not, right? Well, as I leaned in, her right arm swung inward, but I followed through with the hug anyway, pinning her arm to her breast-region.

She said, “Oh. Okay,” and patted me on the shoulder with the hand that wasn’t smashed against her chest. Realizing I’d misinterpreted her  swinging-arm gesture of “You can have a seat now”, I apologized for hugging her.

And she said, “Well, these things happen whether you want them to or not.”

Here I thought the hug was awkward. Sheesh.

Anyway, I had a good laugh about it and thought I’d share.

See you tomorrow,


Pic of the Day

I took this picture this morning at the check-in kiosk…