My Semi-Fictional Life #155 (Unpopular Opinion Time!)

My taste in literature has drastically changed in the past year. My love for horror has dwindled as authors of dark fiction continue to churn out the same old monsters and plot lines and uninspired prose. Everything is a reboot or re-imagining or retelling. I’ve been leaning more toward postmodern and literary fiction because it’s unpredictable. Just as dark and horrific (sometimes darker due to the attention to emotional detail), and in nine cases out of ten, much better written. I wish someone would bring back intelligent horror; ideas that are thought-provoking and interesting instead of retreads and tributes. The genre has devolved into a collage of poorly-written homages.

I understand the comfort in the same old, same old, but the genre has been spinning its wheels. There really is no mystery behind why so many horror publishers are in trouble. It’s sad to see, but the reason behind it is obvious.

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5 thoughts on “My Semi-Fictional Life #155 (Unpopular Opinion Time!)

  1. I notice the same with some SF and Fantasy. Sometimes it is liking visiting an old friend to see a new book with an old theme, but much of the time it is just tiring. I definitely enjoy those that give me something new no matter the genre.

      1. There are no new ideas, Edward. Only new characters.
        Plot-driven fiction is dead; all the plots have been taken.
        But there’s an infinite number of character-driven stories waiting to be discovered and told.
        Tell them to us.

      2. You might enjoy some travel books to get some ideas for what people consider normal or acceptable for ideas on character motivations. I’m probably being bold with that. You’re not an idiot.

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