My Semi-Fictional Life #166 (The Return of Larry Laughlin)

HOPE FOR THE WICKED (probably my most controversial book due to the extreme nature of one scene in particular that upset numerous readers) will be returning to ebook in the next few days in a new expanded edition, which will include a new cover and afterword from me discussing the motivation for the series, the odd marketing of the book as an everyday thriller, and my thoughts on writing for shock value versus writing for character development. PENNIES FOR THE DAMNED will also be returning much later this year. The sequel to HOPE is unrecognizable when compared to the previous publication. So if you’ve read both of these, I highly recommend that you reread PENNIES upon re-release. HOPE is slightly longer but nothing much has changed with the story. PENNIES has been completely restructured and character fates have changed.

PENNIES was mangled by the editors who worked on it, but now that I have the rights back, I’ve returned the story to its original state. Whether you will like it more or less remains to be seen. What’s important to me is that now I am happy with the story. The new versions of these two books are important in that you’ll finally be able to read the rest of the five-book series, which has been finished and locked in a cyber trunk for the last three years. I never published the final three novels because the edits PENNIES received changed the story drastically to the point that the final three books didn’t make sense. Rewriting the final three to fit the new developments would have been near impossible. I’m not even sure the fourth book could have been saved.

FLESH FOR THE ASKING, book three in the Larry Laughlin series is now in editing. Right on its tail, maybe six months apart, will be CORPSES FOR THE GRINDER and JUDGMENT FOR THE RIGHTEOUS. I’m excited to get them out into the world and into your hands. Finally.

If you’re a fan of Larry, I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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