And Now a Moment of Silence…

Friends and neighbors, FAIRY LIGHTS has gone the way of the dodo, never to be seen again. If you got one of the limited-edition hardcovers from Darkfuse, that sucker might be worth something someday, as I have zero plans to publish it again. Let it be something special, something that was once and once was. And now a moment of silence for that ill-fated novella. In the name of Tom Cruise. Amen.

While we’re here talking about collectibles, there are still some copies of THE SOUND OF BROKEN RIBS left over at Thunderstorm Books. Get some!

Love yo faces,



5 thoughts on “And Now a Moment of Silence…

  1. So sad to heard there will be no more “FAIRY LIGHTS”, just goes to show you how addled brained those losers at DF are. Long Live Lorn !

      1. Forever is longer than I expect to exist also, so there are things we have in common, I just noticed that I got an extra “d’ in addle. Them DF folks appear to have burned a number of people, hope that you were not one of them, I learned some lessons myself when they were calling themselves “Delirium”.

      2. Yeah, unfortunately I didn’t hear about their Delerium days until after I signed the contract for FL. Had I known, I would’ve skirted them like the plague.

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