The Future of SLASHER LIVE

Hello peeps. Been one fucker of a month. First Darkfuse’s collapse, and then today I get a couple messages asking me if I’d seen the news about the upcoming Stephen Kozeniewski and Stevie Kopas book, SLASHVIVOR. I had not. Huh… Let’s talk about that, shall we?

Some of you will remember my over-sharing regarding my project SLASHER LIVE because I was so fuckin’ stoked. Some of you definitely remember, because I was messaged four times today regarding how much their new collab reminded people of my yet-to-be-published novel. One of my Facebook posts, one from March of 2016 in particular, was brought to my attention, one that went into great detail about the titular show having seasons with a killer clown… a killer doctor… a killer named Machine… a kid that kills… and so on. The blurb on the back of their book and my post are eerily similar. Is it all a crazy coinky-dink? Probably. Who the fuck knows, right? I’m not inside either of these authors’ heads. Kozeniewski and I shared a publisher once upon a when. I reviewed his zombie detective novel Braineater Jones on this very blog! Oops, I mean THIS BRAINEATER JONES. I even met the dude in person. Seems like a good enough chap.

So I’m entirely comfortable saying it’s a coincidence that my highly-public concept just so happened to pop into his and her head, too. Let’s run with that. Forget that both titles start with SLASH. Forget that we have the same kinda killers. I mean, they’re all common tropes, right? Easily explained away. They’re both about a tv show that blends slasher films and reality Tv. Hell, EVERYONE owns a television, am I right?! Forget all that. What I want to talk about today is whether or not I’m scrapping the project in light of recent revelations.

The answer is no. This will have to be a redux of ARMAGEDDON vs DEEP IMPACT. Remember those movies? There are more instances of this happening in pop culture, so no big deal. Carry on, my wayward son! One thing’s 100% certain, I will continue to polish this book until it is ready for publication. I’m not letting anyone, or anything, coincidental or not, make me rush this.

And to the people out there that beta read my version over a year ago and felt the need to message me, I thank you, but there’s nothing to see here.