Thank You (and I’m Sorry)

Hello peeps.

I have some fantastic news and some less-fantastic news.

First off, the Thunderstorm Books deluxe-edition hardcover of BAY’S END, Volume One in the All Things Lead to the End series, has sold out pre-public sale. This is a first for me, and I wanted to write a post thanking everyone who bought a copy. Not sure how many of you collectors follow me, but yeah, here you go.

Thank you so much. I am deeply honored that you would spend that kinda money on me. Here I was, worried the book might not move every single copy (there’s still copies of The Sound of Broken Ribs regular edition on sale HERE) and you guys succeeded in buying them all before the damn thing even went public. Good on ya. You have my and my family’s unending gratitude.

Secondly, I’m sorry to anyone whom I promised I would inform the minute the book went on sale. Because the book never technically went on sale, there was nothing to announce. I know quite a few of you expressed your disappointment at not being able to buy this version of the book and wish there was something I could do, but there is not. I’m not sure how many author copies I’ll be getting (was supposed to get two of the last one and got three, and then I ended up with six copies of Fog Warning, so there’s no telling with this one.) It is a much more expensive product, so I’m expecting no more than what’s stated in my contract, which is two, but if I get more than two copies, I will definitely do a giveaway. Sorry, but the other two are spoken for.

There’s a damn good chance that the deluxe-edition of The Sound of Broken Ribs, Volume Two in the All Things Lead to the End series, and the three books after it will sell out pre-public announcement as well. I suggest that, if you want a limited version of Ribs, that you buy a copy of the regular edition, which I linked to above.

So, yeah, this is kinda bittersweet. I’m stoked that it sold out so quickly, but I’m bummed that not everyone who wanted one got one. I can’t even say “Maybe next time” because there will be no next time.

Thank you for all your support.

With love,



3 thoughts on “Thank You (and I’m Sorry)

      1. No, I didn’t. I did get my regular edition of TSoBR though. I am bummed about this one though because I was looking forward to the set. No worries, though. You can’t win ’em all. I should have contacted Paul at TS like I did for the regular edition, but didn’t know it was coming out so soon.

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