Let’s Talk About PIG (Followup Post)

Hello peeps,

Several months back I published a post entitled Addressing the Problems with PIG wherein I discussed concerns from readers about the “clunky” nature of PIG. Well, it’s back from editing and I owe everyone who read the book an apology. Craig and I spent a year in post on this book. It was not rushed, but it seems like both of us were too close to the book to spot the numerous errors caused by all of our editing passes. Yes, Virginia, you can edit too much.

There were numerous tiny errors that got past us and an editor I’ve been working with for about three years. That relationship has sadly come to an end. No, no one can catch everything, but this was ridiculous.

How can I fire someone who didn’t catch what even I missed? The answer is simple: that’s what I pay them to do. I pay an editor to fix the issues I cannot catch, or that I overlook because I’m too close to the project, something I call Author Eyes. After so many passes (or even the first pass) an author will read what they meant to say instead of what’s on the page. Editors and proofreaders should not have this problem. Yes, they are human and cannot catch everything, but, at the end of the day, the amount of stuff missed was double that of what was caught. The first edit had ninety errors marked. This new pass came away with two-hundred-seventeen errors. That’s almost an error on every page and extremely unacceptable.

I apologize with every thread of my being for providing you with substandard content. It was beneath your expectations, beneath my previous output, and beneath the high standards I hold others to. And because I was the last one to set eyes on the book, I am accepting all the blame. I will do better. I promise.

Finally, to address a few questions I had after this book published. I will not be going easier on authors and presses when I find their content is below acceptable standards. Some will wallow in the fact that I’m just as susceptible to this as they are, and that’s fine. The difference between me and them is that I immediately removed the book from booksellers, whereas these books I’ve called out for shitty editing remain for sale in the same crappy state in which they were published. Publishing PIG in the state that it was in was wrong of me, no matter how clean I thought it was, and doing so does not give these authors and publishers the right to publish unedited material. Two wrongs do not make a right, and I will continue to point out shitty writing and nonexistent editing.

Reviewers gave us shit for the quality of this book, and it was DESERVED. There is no excuse for publishing low-quality work. And I certainly do not stand behind the book as it was first published. I think you will find this new version is up to both of our standards. If it’s not, I expect you to tell me.

Finally, if you simply do not like the story, fair enough. Different strokes and all that. Maybe you’ll dig the next one.

The book should be live again in the next few days. Thank you for your continued support.

Take care of each other,