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Nocturnal Reader’s Box has deleted these newsletters from MailChimp. Let this post stand as the archive. Scroll past video for documentation of newsletters.

June 18


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Dated July 8


Dated July 24



Screenshot_20180908-150154Dated July 31



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One thought on “Nocturnal Reader’s Box Newsletter Archive

  1. Nettie Neal Bell

    All of this shitty, but what bugs me the most is his stupid little “I have a mental illness that no pill can cure”. OF COURSE YOU DO. MENTAL ILLNESS HAS NO FUCKING CURE, DICKBAG, or we’d all be the societal norm.

    I’m Schizoaffective and Borderline, and I don’t like that little dig that kind of pill shames. My meds help me. MEDICATIONS ARE DESIGNED TO HELP YOU, ASSHOLE. They don’t cure you, they help you manage your illnesses. Mental illness is not like a physical illness. It’s permanent.

    Even that aside, this is some fucking shady shit on its own. It’s September. He’s either really bad at handling business ordeals or he is a scam artist, and he needs to own up to whichever one it is and take care of that. Playing the mental illness card is horseshit, because no matter what you’re going through, you have to take care of your responsibilities first. Just like *I* am responsible for *ME*, *HE* is responsible for *HIM*. Do not blame your ineptitude on your mental illness, because that further breeds the stigmatization the rest of us face. Do not pill shame. Own up to your shit instead of making excuses. Put on your fucking big boy pants and get yourself some help instead of using your mental illness as a crutch or a scapegoat.

    /End Rant.

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