Bad Mood

If I were an actor I’d be a method actor. No joke. I get stuck in a certain mood because it suits the role I feel the need to fill. This week that has been the role of Critical Asshat as I once again battle the never-ending stream of unedited garbage polluting the scene.

Yesterday someone sent me the first paragraph of a book. I followed the authors once upon a time, but finally gave up on them when I realized that all their lip-service about improving was so much smoke up my ass. Same thing happened a while back with another goofball. “We’re trying, we swear!” as each book released gets increasingly more awful. It’s like hearing an alcoholic swear off drink for the 90th time. For fucks sake, they had a misspelled word in the first fucking paragraph. Worst part is, the book had an “editor”. Says so on the copyright page.

But that’s none of my business. Warning other potential readers is my business, so I started spreading the message. To my surprise almost every-fuckin-one knew who I was talking about. Dozens of people asking, “Are you talking about so-and-so,” and me saying, “Yup.” I must’ve typed “Yup” eleventy-billion times. Not only that, but they all knew the “editor” of this particular hot garbage, too. Which made me wonder, if this person is so terrible at their job…why do they still have a job? Fuck it. Not my problem. Moving on.

You’re still here? Cool. Guess what I did this week? I signed signature sheets, finished final edits on the last Bay’s End book, typed up a short story, updated Patreon, and fucked up my mood by learning the most depressing song ever written. I need a break but it’s gonna be a week (at the very least) before I get one. Even then I’ll probably still upload to Youtube because that’s the only hobby I have left. Everything else has become a job. Greatest job in the world, but still a job.

You ever get stuck in a mood you don’t want to be in because it helps accomplish something? Also, how do you feel about paying for unedited books? No big deal? Does it drive you mad? Do you not even notice? Lemme know all that.




4 thoughts on “Bad Mood

  1. Bat Out Of Mel

    I don’t mind typos in a book that much if I like it, otherwise. I read one recently that was RIDDLED–I found out later that the author only ran it through auto-correct, which crapped out halfway through (and isn’t 100% reliable anyway)–but I loved it so much that I forgave him.

    I mean I still mentioned it in my review, because a) I know that’s a hard pass for some people, and b) it’s like biting on tinfoil to see it, the way I’m wired. But quality writing goes a long way, with me.

    That said, if the book sucks on toast, the typos are salt in the proverbial, man. Like you couldn’t even get THAT right? Dang!

      1. Bat Out Of Mel

        Well, yeah. I also know a guy who relies on Grammarly, and let me tell you, the results are… upsetting.

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