Deactivating Social Media

Hello peeps,

Because some people took “I’m going on break” as a challenge to email me wanting details as to who I was talking about in the last blog post, I’ve deleted the post and deactivated my social media accounts. Honestly, I’m kind of annoyed at the moment that so few people respected my wishes to be left alone that I’m considering not returning to these platforms whatsoever. But we’ll see. It’s a popular belief that public personas do not deserve privacy, but I’m not that guy. This is not some cry for help, publicity stunt, or any other dumbass theory anyone has come up with. I want to take some time off. Period. Everyone has had direct access to me for over eight years and I think I deserve some time away. If you can’t respect that, that’s your problem, not mine.

The only places I’ll be posting is Patreon and YouTube but I will not be responding to comments. Please try and go on about your business and allow me some time to myself.

Thank you for understanding.