Things, they are a’changin’

Things are changing. If this personality is going to survive its internet existence, I’m going to have to create some rules. Without further ado:

1. I will no longer be responding to everyone who messages me or comments on my various postings. I can’t keep up with comments anymore, and even when I can half of them are hateful or pointless, or don’t require any response, so I’ll read them and move on. This does not go for friends. If we have a previously existing relationship, nothing will change. At least I fucking hope not. I’m sure some of you will overreact to this, as it never fails to happen, so I look forward to your individual meltdowns in the coming days.

2. I’m limiting myself to one hour of social media a day. No more for right now. This is another reason I won’t be responding to everyone. I’ll have a limited time each day with which to interact and I want to focus on those who mean the most to me.

3. No more community drama. The wrong people always take offense if I vague post, even though I only do it to keep friends’ names out of everyones’ mouths, and naming people results in too much bullshit. Most recently, I mentioned someone and ten motherfuckers in under an hour emailed me wanting to know if I was talking about them. Funnily enough, the person I was talking about blocked me without any warning whatsoever, so joke’s on us, huh? On a serious note, y’all need to calm the fuck down. If you don’t trust me, why are we even friends?

4. No more uncorrected proofs or review copies before publication. Preorders and Patreon pledges will get books early and that’s it. I’ve sent out a hundred physical copies this year for review and have gotten thrirteen reviews in return. I can no longer justify the cost, especially not with Amazon removing reviews and reviewers based solely on shit like us following each other. My sincerest apologies. Which brings me to…

5. I’m retiring from independent publishing. After NO HOME FOR BOYS releases in June, there will be no further Edward Lorn books under the Lornographic Materials banner. If I can’t find a publisher, I’ll publish under my other names and call it quits with Lorn permanently. I’m tired of the grind. I just want to write. This decision comes after loads of drama with KDP, Createspace, acquiring editors I can trust, and simple laziness, which basically boils down to me not wanting to format my own work anymore, and I refuse to pay someone for something I’m simply too lazy to do.

6. Even if I can’t find a publisher, I will continue to post work to Patreon. This includes CRUELTY AND JOY, the Larry Laughlin series, and every other project I’ve mentioned in the past year.

Thank you for all your support over the years, and I will try to stay in touch with as many of you as possible. If any of the above is unacceptable behavior to you, it’s been swell, and I wish you the best in everything you do.

Take care of each other,



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