I Wanna Get Positive, Positive!

So we’re officially a week into 2019 and I’m feeling pretty damn good. I finished BEARSKINS, by James A. McLaughlin (fantastic by the way, I’ll link to the review at the end of this blog, if you’re interested), and am ¾ through with THE NIGHT PARADE, by Ronald Malfi, which is pretty darn good, despite some clichés and repetitive writing, but I’ll discuss all that in my review.

I’ve started planning out my TBRs for the month, too. I’m a mood reader, though, so we’ll see how long that lasts.

But how the hell are you doing? I feel like we don’t talk enough. I get plenty of views on this blog, but people rarely ever comment. I’m a big fan of discussion, even if it is just you telling me how you’re doing. It’s an easy way to check in with people that I don’t get to talk to because life gets in the way, so holler at ya boi.

(I’ll stop.)

I’m loving my new social media existence. No more than an hour on my various platforms has boosted my productivity in the real world. I’m exercising again (30 minutes of Just Dance 2019 on the Switch with my kids every night, albeit it sitting down, because my leg is still useless), eating right five days a week, and fasting the other two. Everything is just going really, really well. Of course I’m not disconnected from the internet entirely, but having 23 hours away from my socials is liberating. I’m much happier.

I ended last year on this blog on a negative note, so we’re starting this year with the positive. Hopefully it trends. I’m shooting for a new blog post every seven days, but we’ll see how that goes.

But, for real, let me know how you’re doing in the comments below. And don’t be afraid to talk to each other!




14 thoughts on “I Wanna Get Positive, Positive!

  1. waynefenlon8549

    All good here, E. Glad things are taking a positive turn, man.
    Finished Swan Song the other day. What an amazing story that was. So good, I wanted to start it again. Decided to delve into The Wolf’s Hour instead though.
    Still listening to The Sound Of Broken Ribs
    as well when I’m pottering about at home or when I’m at work. Those little bluetooth earpieces are handy likes. They all think I’m on the phone or waiting on a call. Ha!
    Loving your work. Keep doing it.
    All the best.

  2. jg_readsbymoonlight

    I enjoy your updates! Doing okay here. Reading too many books at once, and on my 4th round of Whole 30. Trying to get healthy again this year, and to stop comparing myself to others! 🤦‍♀️ #downsidesofsicialmedia

  3. Glad it’s starting off well for you, Edward! Last year sucked for me and so far it is a bit of a struggle this year, but I am looking forward to things smoothing out and am going to be as positive as possible for a great 2019!!

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