Losing a Backstreet Boy

I used to joke that I was so fat that it was like I was carrying around a whole Backstreet Boy. I even had a blog called “Losing a Backstreet Boy” back in the day. It’s still up, I believe. Today’s blog title is also clickbait. I fully expect comments in the vein of “I thought a Backstreet Boy had died. I was finna riot!”

This is the last post of April, and the first update concerning my progress fasting, which I discussed in last week’s post.

As of today, I’ve not had solid food since Saturday, April 20. I had bone broth last Sunday and Monday, six ounces each day, for a total of 12oz over those two days. The broth not only made me unbearably gassy, but my burps tasted like rancid cow fat. Let us not talk about the aroma of my southward expulsions. Suffice it to say that, during one close call, I almost killed the cat, for she was within the blast radius and ill-equipped to deal with the sudden venting of my colon. Demon did survivor, but not without emotional trauma, I’m sure.

The third day of my fast (the first day without broth) was the worst. Severe hunger hit me upon waking, but I persevered with one thought in mind:

“If I fuck around and eat, I’ll never know if tomorrow would’ve been better than today.”

And I’ll be damned if the next day wasn’t leagues better than the previous. My hunger was gone. It had simply vanished overnight, never to be seen again. I haven’t been hungry since Wednesday. It’s currently Monday morning. Fucking weird, right?

I suppose it’s like any other addiction, or any new exercize. Those first few days are murder. Cigarettes, alcohol, even heroin, all of which I’ve beaten, were the same way. First three or four days I thought I was going to die if I didn’t consume my drug of choice.

Food itself isn’t the addiction here. It’s the activity of eating that’s the problem. I love eating. My main problem was that I had to be eating while watching television. Nowadays TV has been replaced by YouTube, but it’s the same idea. If I have visual stimuli going, I have to be cramming food into my gob. I watch upwards of ten hours of YouTube a day. Yes, that’s ten hours each and every day. And, yes, I used to eat during that time. The only time I wasn’t laying in bed, watching YouTube and eating, was when I was having dinner with the family, cooking, writing, or sleeping. I had even started eating while reading, which is a development that surfaced just this year. I was easily packing away seven thousand calories a day. That’s insane.

I wish I had an update on my weight, but I don’t go see my doctor until 3 pm today. I’ll update the blog with my weigh-in tonight, right at the top for everyone to see, when I get home tonight. We’re seeing Avengers: Endgame directly afterward, so it’ll be late. I’ll also be uploading a vlog this week, on Tuesday or Wednesday, noting my progress, including my exercise routine and water/supplement intake.

I’m happy as hell right now. I’ve had only positive side effects during this fast. No headaches, no abdominal pains, no bloating, no cramping, no weakness, none of the warning signs that I should end my fast. Since that fight with hunger last Wednesday, it’s been smooth sailing. I actually think it’s too good to be true. I fully expect to get to my doctor’s office today and find I’ve either lost no weight (that’s impossible because I can see a difference when I take off my shirt), or that my lab work will say I’m slowly killing myself. Again, I doubt that’s the case because I feel amazing, but I’m a pessimist at the best of times.

Here’s another oddity for you. My blood sugar, which usually runs between 120 and 140, has been standing steady at 100. I expected it to be in the 30s or 40s, honestly. No way did I think it would maintain a healthy level.

In other vital news, my blood pressure hasn’t gone above 120/60, and I’m sleeping exceptionally well. Like I said, folks, it’s all seemingly too good to be true.

If I had to guess, I’d say I’ve lost a good ten pounds of body fat, not counting water weight. I have huge dents in my gut, which used to be an unmarked dome of pale flesh. Now that unmarked dome looks like the moon after a meteor shower. But no worries. If I’m far off concerning my weightloss, I won’t be discouraged. Disappointed, yes, but not discouraged. I will keep on keeping on until I reach my goal of 250, which I hope to hit by the end of the year. At this point, it’s literally 250 or bust. Or, if you prefer, 250 or die.

Now for other life updates:

In reading news, I finished The Regulators this week. Thursday Theorist made it’s return, to the joy of several fans. I know you’ve been waiting forever, but I had to get these right. I think these final episodes are gonna rock. I might even eventually go back and reshoot the earlier episodes…Maybe.

I’m currently back to reading The Talisman. I think I’ll actually finish it this time. I have less than 130 pages left and it’s started to get interesting. This is my third time reading it, but it feels like the first.

I also finished The Obsoletes, by Simeon Mills (review will be up Wednesday), and immediately started Aetherchrist, by Kirk K. Jones, which I am actively in love with. Dude can write his ass off, if you can dig it. I’m also listening to Carrie for the first time. Fifth time reading the book, but the first time listening to the audiobook narrated by Sissy Spacek. I’ll be starting ‘Salem’s Lot‘s audiobook reread on Wednesday. My friend Isaak, or if you’re familiar with my livestreams, Sylvanus, will be joining me.

In publishing news, CRUELTY & JOY [Episode One] ships out to Patreons today. Pennies for the Damned pre-orders will be going out with them, too, so if you’ve been waiting on that one, your wait will soon be over. Thanks for your patience.

I’m still waiting on the first proof of No Home for Boys from the new printers. I’ll update everyone when those come in.

I suppose that’s all for now. I’ll update the blog with my weight tonight when I get home. In the meantime, lemme know what you’re reading, and anything else going on in your life. I truly love hearing from each of you.

Take care of each other,



2 thoughts on “Losing a Backstreet Boy

  1. waynefenlon

    So glad you are doing good with the the fasting. Hope it continues to run smoothly.
    Looking forward to the update.

    Carrie, read by Sissy Spacek is amazing. I loved her reading of “To Kill A Mocking Bird” as well.

    I’m a few hours in with the Salem’s Lot audiobook myself. Really enjoying it. Maybe even more this time around.
    Gonna listen to Blaze after that.
    Same narrator.

    All the best


  2. Alex Choo

    Well I procrastinate on writing a long overdue paper so much that I finished reading Christine during the last few days. I also bicycled 15 miles to buy a book (OK it’s Cell by Stephen King) that I don’t even like. Anyway I would do anything to avoid beginning writing that shitty paper. Hope you don’t see this as a crying for help. But anyhow I am a day drinker so problems solved. OK Just Kidding. It’s nice to read about your life. Keep on the good work E. Cheers, Alex

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