I Need All of the Sleep

Where the fuck has this year gone? My mother always told me to cherish my youth because time moves faster the older you get but I didn’t believe her. 2019 is almost hallway gone and I’ve yet to write out the year correctly once. Not one single damn time. On Friday, during a rather unimportant meeting that has no baring on this conversation whatsoever and thus we shall move along, I wrote 2017 on every form I signed. Luckily sevens are easily turned into nines, but it was still embarrassing. I just looked old dude in the eye and said, “Bruh, I haven’t looked at a calendar since 2011.” He laughed. I was dead serious but he laughed. So I laughed. Now it’s a joke between us. Whatever.

I’ve been swept up in a sequence of events that I have complete control over but it all feels like chaos. I spent four days out of town, and a bit out of my mind. All good things, but motherfuck is life moving quickly. Before I left, I had to ship 200 packages to pre-order customers and Patreon patrons. It was nuts, but I made it. Just in time too. I dropped the packages off at the post office five minutes before they closed and was then whisked away to parts unknown.

Kidding. I knew where we were going. Didn’t make the trip less exciting or painful. Yeah, you read that right. I was pretty miserable the entire time. Like being drunk but not being able to get your dick up. Ladies, whatever simile works for you, please translate for yourselves. This trip was the farthest I’ve travelled since my fall in January, and then I had to get around on a walker when I got there, but I made it. I’ve been in an herbal coma for the past two days and I’m just now starting to feel like I can move without screaming.

This is going to be a short post because I’m exhausted. I need all of the sleep. All of it. I’ll update you guys on the weight loss and fasting and all that next time.

But you know how we do. Lemme know what you’re reading below, and anything else that tickles your fancy.

I’m currently reading The Mask, by Dean Koontz, with my buddy Delee, False Bingo, by Jac Jemc, which is due out this October, and I’m listening to ‘Salem’s Lot, with my dude Isaak, aka Sylvanus.


Take care of one another,


2 thoughts on “I Need All of the Sleep

  1. wickedjr89

    Sleep like the dead (but do wake up eventually). I’d say sleep like a baby but babies are constantly waking up. I just finished Slade House by David Mitchell. I found it a fun weird paranormal time. I enjoyed it. I have to read Beach Party by R.L. Stine next.

  2. waynefenlon

    I always think there isn’t enough hours in the day for what I want / need to do.
    Aye… Getting old son.


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