I Bet You $50 You Can’t Out Write Me…

Can You Out Write Me?

Yesterday I had an idea. I posted to Twitter challenging authors to out write me. The idea is simple:

We both have a week, starting on Monday at 00:01 (12:01am) and ending at 23:59 (11:59pm) on Sunday, to write a short story. If both of us create a readable story in a week, we start all over again. This continues until one of us is unable to finish a readable story in under a week’s time. The loser owes the winner $50 USD. Simple. So here are the rules:

First, what is a readble story? It’s a story with few errors (nothing’s perfect, especially not when your deadline is a week) that is at the very least readable from beginning to end. If the author(s) disagree about something being readable, we’ll ask the readers who’ll be following this contest to judge. The story must have a beginning, middle, and ending. If you write something vague, you must explain the themes and what you were going for to whoever questions you, but the authors and readers must agree that you succeeded before you can move on. No open endings or cliffhangers. You must tell a complete tale. I know “complete” is subjective when it comes to shorts, but an incomplete story is usually glaringly obvious in its incompleteness. There is no word count minimum or maximum, no limit whatsoever.

You must write on Google Docs, and the Doc must be available for the public to watch you write. You will create a new Doc with the starting date as the title (Example: Story 8/12/2019) and make it visible to everyone. You will then share that link on Twitter in response to my own link at the beginning of each week. If you do not have a link created by Monday at 23:59 (11:59pm), you will forfiet that week. Any time you plan on writing throughout the week, you must Tweet that you’ll be live and what time you plan on writing. This is all to ensure everyone involved is playing fairly. All editing will be done publicly, as well, and you must Tweet the times you will be editing.

On that note, to make make sure no one is using old stories, you must pick from the prompts in the responses to this tweet: https://twitter.com/EdwardLorn/status/1160266059783573504?s=20

The prompt should be at the beginning of your story as well. Like this:

Story 8/12/2019

Prompt: Dingo ate my baby!

You have seven full days to write your story. There is no winner unless someone drops out. Whoever drops out owes me $50. I’m your only competition. If you’d like to make bets with others, you may do so on your own time. Whoever knocks me out, wins $50 from me. If there is more than one of you left, I’ll pay each of you $50. We’ll take a week break at the end of every four week cycle. We’ll also ask for new prompts each week so no one can get ahead.

Word of warning, just so I’m completely transparent here: I have been writing every single day since 2012. That’s seven years of putting words down daily without fail. I can usually knock out a short story in a few hours. I do not expect to lose, but stranger things have happened. You will have one chance to double up your stories if you know in advance you won’t be around the next week. You can only do this once. The same is available to me. I want you to win. I’m rooting for you. I simply don’t expect you to.

If we run out of prompts before the next round, no one wins anything, so make sure you’re asking people to provide prompts. You can provide a prompt of your own for other contestants, but you may not use your own prompt. You cannot use a prompt that someone else has already claimed. I will be the last one to choose a prompt.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, and good luck!