Stephen King Library ReRead

Update: I’m done!

Date begun: 10/1/2014

Date completed: 9/18/2015

09/19/2014: My Challenge 

Hello, everybody! E. here. Welcome to probably my most insane reading challenge yet. Because I’m an unstable individual with too much time on my hands, I plan on rereading Stephen King’s entire library. Well, the novels, anyway. I will be skipping his novellas, short story collections, and, because I just got through reading them, the books in his Dark Tower series. I’m hoping to tackle two to three of his books a month, but I will read no less than one every thirty days. Of course, that all depends on the length of the books in question. Massive volumes like It and Under the Dome  will likely take a month to get through on their own, whereas I could more than likely read CarrieGerald’s Game, Dolores Claiborne, and The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon in under thirty days.

Below, you will find a list of titles I intend to reread. I will review and put a line through each one as I complete them. You will notice that some are already marked as read, and that’s because it’s been less than five years since I reread them, and I feel it’s too early to tackle them again. The challenge begins October 1, 2014.

06/13/2015: Updated  to add

I won’t be rereading his Straub collabs until the final Jack Sawyer novel is released. Whenever that might be.

The Bachman Books (all seven) will be a separate project I take on after this challenge is complete.

A Decade with King: A Four-Part Miniseries




2005-2014 (Coming in or before October, 2015)


1. Carrie

2. ‘Salem’s Lot

3. The Shining

4.  The Stand

5. The Dead Zone

6. Firestarter

7. Cujo

8. Christine

9. Pet Sematary

10. It

11. Eyes of the Dragon

12. Misery

13. The Tommyknockers

14. The Dark Half

15. Needful Things

16. Gerald’s Game

17. Dolores Claiborne

18. Insomnia

19. Rose Madder

20. The Green Mile

21. Desperation

22. Bag of Bones

23. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

24. Dreamcatcher

25. From a Buick 8

26. The Colorado Kid

27. Cell

28. Lisey’s Story

29. Duma Key

30. Under the Dome

31. 11/22/63

32. Joyland

33. Doctor Sleep

34. Mr. Mercedes

35. Revival

36. Finders Keepers

(Writing as Richard Bachman)

37. The Bachman Books (RageThe Long Walk, RoadworkThe Running Man)

38. Thinner

39. The Regulators

40. Blaze

(With Peter Straub)

41. The Talisman

42. Black House

The Dark Tower Series:

43. The Gunslinger

44. The Drawing of the Three

45. The Waste Lands

46. Wizard and Glass

47. The Wind Through the Keyhole

48. Wolves of the Calla

49. Song of Susannah

50. The Dark Tower


51. Night Shift

52. Different Seasons

53. Skeleton Crew

54. Four Past Midnight

55. Nightmares and Dreamscapes

56. Hearts in Atlantis

57. Everything’s Eventual

58. Just After Sunset

59. Full Dark, No Stars

60. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Non Fiction:

61. Danse Macabre

62. On Writing

63. Faithful (w/Stewart O’Nan)

Uncollected Novellas and Stories:

64. Cycle of the Werewolf 

65. A Face in the Crowd

66.  In the Tall Grass (w/Joe Hill)

67. Throttle (w/Joe Hill)

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