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Gun Love - Jennifer Clement

GUN LOVE is a fantastic piece of literary fiction. The story follows a young girl whose mother ran away from home after becoming pregnant with her. For the past fifteen years, they’ve lived in a car outside of a mobile home park. When an enigmatic stranger comes calling, the mother falls in love, and thus begins the heartbreak.

Jennifer Clement’s prose is poetic and gorgeous. If you do not read this book for any other reason, please pic it up for the beauty of the language. I had heart-eyes for most of this reading experience.

I appreciate that Clement did not bash the reader over the head with her own politics, whatever they may be; I don’t know what they are because she allows the story to evolve naturally instead of forcing the story to answer difficult questions. I was concerned that this book would be extreme in its anti-gun, or pro-gun, message, but that was not the case. Good people and bad people alike own and use guns in this story, so the final judgment is left for the reader to decide. I dug that.

Where this book truly shines though is with the diverse cast. I hated some and absolutely fell in love with others, but my own personal favorites were the Sergeant and Corazón, even though I’m not 100% sure I should have liked either. I loved when they were on the page and I missed them when they were gone. Whether or not I was suppose to have fallen in love with them, who knows, but they were the most interesting characters in the book for me, which is not to say that the rest of the cast was uninteresting, they were, but I preferred reading about the Sergeant and Corazón most of all.

The ending was exceptional. This is one of those books that fulfill every promise it makes early in the read, and that’s all it took for me to five star this joker. 

In summation: I’m new to Jennifer Clement but this book has made me a fan. I’ll be looking up her back catalog soon. Highly recommended.

Final Judgment: The only preaching in this book is done in church.

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Sirens: A Novel (An Aidan Waits Thriller) - Joseph Knox

This is one of those rare times I hate reviewing review copies. Crown Publishing sent me this book in exchange for an honest opinion and that’s the only reason I’m bothering to review this at all. If I don’t review it, they won’t send me another book. Simple as that.

Life is too short to read the same shit over and over and over…SIRENS is the worst kind of thriller. You have you cliched cop, your sultry vixen, your rich asshole, your blah  blah blah…


The-Patterson-cut-to-another-chapter-in-the-middle-of-a-thought bullshit annoys me. There’s no reason for it. Complete your thought and action and leave us in a compelling place before moving on. There’s literally a chapter in this book where the author describes a building and that’s it. New chapter. This is done to give you a false sense of making progress. “Oh, wow, I’ve read twenty chapters in a sitting!” We’ll, that’s easy when the chapters are a page long. I’d say two pages, but they start half a page down and end on the backside with half a page blank. I feel sorry for the poor trees who gave their lives to print this.


There’s nothing wrong or new with the writing. It’s serviceable to a fault. I hate writing like that. The exact bare minimum. No style. Just words in the proper order. You couldn’t pick this author’s writing out of a lineup of all the genre writers if the book had his name on it.


In summation: I’m giving it two stars because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the writing. If you’re a fan of paint-by-numbers noir thrillers, give it a go. Don’t expect anything new.


Final Judgment: Thank fuck this was free.

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POK POK The Drinking Food of Thailand: A Cookbook - Andy Ricker, JJ Goode

This book is amazing, from beginning to end. I loved the stories and the insights to this culture I had been until now missing out on.The recipes are easy to follow even if they’re not all easy to prepare, meaning, I personally do not have the skill required to complete some of these dishes, but that’s not this book’s fault.


Highly recommended for those who enjoy Thai food and culture.


Many thanks to the publisher for the awesome review copy!

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