Okay, I’m going to say my piece. The same people I also see posting about “freedom” and “justice” and “patriotism” are the same people bitching and joking about Ferguson. You scream and rant and holler about your rights to bear arms so that you can fight an unjust government uprising, should that uprising ever occur. Then you sit on your high horse and judge a group of people who are doing EXACTLY what you would do in this situation. They are fighting a corrupt system. Yes, during this time there will be shits that take advantage of the violence, there will be looters, and these fuckers will get the majority of the press, but there are also those who are protesting for change, peacefully. And trust me, White America, if this happened to a Good ol’ Boy from Alabama or Mississipi, white folks would be in the streets with their legal guns, ready to shoot the first fucker that crossed their path. And yes, there would also be rednecks and hillbillies looting and burning shit to the ground. I grew up in California. I was there for the L.A. riots, and I watched neighborhood stores fall to flames and people being beaten in the streets. You have no idea what it’s like until you’ve been there. You people joking are heinous fucking human beings. You people bitching would do the same thing if your kid was shot in the street and then written off.